Futurama: Bender's Game

Corrected entry: At Mombil, one ball of dark matter costs $9.99 per ball. The total price costs $632.14. However $632.14 divided by $9.99 would be 63.2772772773 making the total price cost impossible. (00:04:15)

Casual Person

Correction: First off, the price is $9.999/ball (a minor correction but important for the gasoline joke Futurama makes). It's possible she got charged tax that wasn't included in the $9.999 price.


Corrected entry: When the professor explains why he is so angry about the dark matter shortage, he says "it all began 30 years ago" and you can see that Mom's children are babies. But when Nibbler explains how he ended up in the factory with the other Nibblonians, he says it all began 36 years ago and Mom's children are adults. (00:26:25 - 00:43:10)


Correction: The professor actually says "thirty odd years ago", which could mean more than 30 years. Given his senility, that's a surprisingly good estimate.

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