12 Rounds

Plot hole: Miles arranged the chase with the streetcar, so that Danny would have to take out the transformer and shut down the power in the area, in a way that it would remain shut down. How could he know that the dumb operator would leave the FBI guy on hold for as long as (s)he did? Someone said after the streetcar finally stopped, "they turned off the power."

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Plot hole: Danny uses the police Crown Victoria to slow down the streetcar in an attempt to stop it from smashing through the end of the line. There's no way a Crown Vic could slow down the 60000 lb streetcar the way it did in the movie. First, only the front wheels were making contact with the road, and second, the tires would not have lasted as long being skidded as shown in the movie.

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At 1:39:14 the bomb arms, 32 seconds later at 1:39:46 (two seconds after it should have blown up) Dan and Molly jump from the helicopter. Then 10 secs later at 1:39:56, the plane FINALLY blows up after giving them those extra 12 secs to jump and conveniently make it to the pool below.



In the street car, look out for a small boy wearing a hat. This boy is director Renny Harlin's son, Lucas.