12 Rounds

12 Rounds (2009)

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Corrected entry: After the hotel scene, the FBI is with Det. Fisher outside and they tell him they can trace Miles' phone if he keeps him talking for at least 30 seconds (they repeatedly inform him that that's all the time they need). At the end of the call, they say they didn't have enough time for a trace, however almost 70 seconds have already passed.

00:57:15 - 00:58:25


Correction: The FBI agent is also cocky and overconfident. Danny told him earlier that Miles' phone was encrypted, and the agent just brushed the comment aside. Obviously the agent was wrong, and Danny was right.


Corrected entry: Miles the terrorist kicks out the back seat of the BMW 740i to get from the trunk, where he was hiding, to the passenger compartment of the car. It's plain to see the seat cushions were only placed in position; there is no metal seat-back or bracing between the trunk and passenger compartment, which these cars have.


Correction: Throughout the movie Miles is shown to be meticulous in his planning. He obviously planned to hide in the BMW to escape the search area. Hence he prepared the car prior to his girlfriend picking him up at the chosen location.


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At 1:39:14 the bomb arms, 32 seconds later at 1:39:46 (two seconds after it should have blown up) Dan and Molly jump from the helicopter. Then 10 secs later at 1:39:56, the plane FINALLY blows up after giving them those extra 12 secs to jump and conveniently make it to the pool below.



In the street car, look out for a small boy wearing a hat. This boy is director Renny Harlin's son, Lucas.