The Man With One Red Shoe

Factual error: Softball games are played with only seven innings.

Factual error: Several of the "spies" use revolvers with silencers. You can't use a silencer with a revolver.


Continuity mistake: The two CIA guys are watching the softball game and report the it is the bottom of the ninth - the Senators are winning. In the next scene the Senators are batting. If the Senators are winning why are they batting?

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Suggested correction: The Senators are never seen batting. Richard (who is on the Senators) is playing in the infield and lets a ball go by, then the next batter hits him in the head with the ball. After that, Maddy takes him home and as they're driving off, it appears the game is over, presumably with the home team winning, and both teams and umps are gathered on the field talking to each other.

Suggested correction: Tom Hanks play on Senators, and is "out", and opponent is batting. Senators lead 1-0 but opponents 9th field is still blank, so they can win. That's why they play.

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Maddy: Are you OK? You seem tense.
Richard: Oh, no, no, no, I'm not, I'm not tense. Well, I did pass out today... and got hit in the head by a baseball... and brushed my teeth with shampoo... then butchered Rimsky - Korsakov in front of 1,500 people, and my clothes fell apart. But I'm not tense.

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Trivia: This is a remake of a French movie, "Le grand blond à la chaussure noire".

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Question: I know I missed it but what exactly made Cooper believe Richard was a spy?

Answer: Cooper's CIA superior, Ross, learns that Cooper is attempting to oust him by making false accusations so he can become the CIA director. Ross devises his own plan to fool Cooper into believing that someone who can exonerate him is arriving at the airport. Ross sends one of his agents to the airport to randomly chose a man to appear to be the person that Ross is expecting. The agent selects Richard Drew because he is wearing mismatched shoes, the result of a trick a friend played on him. Cooper, who had bugged Ross' house, overheard the fake conversation and fell for the bait. He sends his own agent to the airport, who spots Ross' man with Richard and begins trailing him. Of course, Richard has no idea what is happening.

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