Dragonball Evolution

Trivia: James Marsters signed onto the film because his son was a big "Dragonball" anime fan, and because he was told the film would be the start of a massive franchise. When he signed on, it was reported that Stephen Chow would produce and possibly direct, and the movie would have a $120 million budget. After he signed on, another director was brought on board and the budget was slashed all the way down to $30 million.


Trivia: Many people involved with the film have spoken out against it in the years that have passed since it came out. James Marsters referred to it as "disastrous," Emmy Rossum said it was the one film she made that people shouldn't watch, writer Ben Ramsey apologized for making it and admitted he only wrote the film for the paycheck, and director James Wong admitted he wasn't aware of the franchise or its global fame when he signed on to direct.


Trivia: The house used in the film as the one where the master lives, is the house in the news called the "nail house," where the owners refused an order to move because of construction. In the southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing, the modest two-story brick structure - a dot on the decimated landscape - is called the "nail house" because it seems to be nailed to the ground by its owners' stubbornness.

Trivia: When Chi-Chi kicks her opponent off the large rock, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: Mai's name is never spoken in the film. It is only mentioned in the end credits.

Continuity mistake: Goku slides on the ground and gets a faceful of a mushy watermelon. When he stands, his shirt is dirty and with pulp all over, but his cheek and hair are clean and dry. (00:03:40)


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Lord Piccolo: With this Dragon Ball, I take my vengeance... Upon the Earth.

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