Major League

Continuity mistake: In the playoff game against the Yankees, right after Uecker announces Harris (the pitcher) is in trouble, there is a shot of him from behind the mound. It's a little out of focus, but look at his hair from under his cap. It doesn't match his hair in the next shot where you see him throwing a pitch. (01:22:35)

Continuity mistake: When Lou Brown and the pitching coach are working with Vaughn, walk over to the plate and stand on either side of Taylor (to simulate a batter on either side). In the first shot, you can see a "No Pepper Games" sign off to the left side, the shot cuts to Vaughn, and then back to the coaches and Taylor. All of a sudden, the sign has moved from over on the left side on the backstop, to directly above Taylor on the backstop and Vaughn proceeds to smash it with a high fastball. Another mistake entry said this: In spring training, Lou Brown and the other coach walk over to check out Charlie Sheen's pitching. When Lou says "all right, let's see what you can do," the coaches are pretty much either side of a post supporting the fence, with a "no pepper" sign to their right. When Sheen pitches, the two coaches have suddenly moved about 6 feet over, away from the post, with the no pepper sign directly between them. The coaches didn't move, the sign did. There's only one home plate there. How could the plate move? It had to be the sign. (00:15:15)


Continuity mistake: In the top of the ninth, as Harris struggles with his control a shot of the scoreboard shows both teams have 2 runs, 7 hits and no errors. Harris then walks the next batter to load the bases, and Vaughn is brought in to face Heywood, whom he strikes out. Thus the Yankees should still have 7 hits heading into the bottom of the ninth. Yet when the scoreboard is shown as the Duke comes in shows the Yankees with 9 hits. This means they somehow picked up 2 hits in between the half-inning, which is impossible. The only way to gain hits like that is if the scorekeeper changed two errors from earlier in the game into hits, but the scoreboard indicated there no errors were ever made in the game. (01:27:20 - 01:33:30)


Character mistake: The sign for the hotel where Jake is staying at in Mexico says Tengo Quarto's para Renta. The word is spelled wrong. It should say CUARTOS. Also, there is no apostrophe s in cuartos. It is plural, not possessive.

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Boyfriend: Stay away from her.
Jake Taylor: Suck. My. Dick.

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Question: Rene Russo is listed in the credits as Lynn Wells, but in both the restaurant and when Jake asked for her on the phone with the Cuyahoga sheet metal place, they pronounce her name Westland. I even checked the subtitles. Did I miss something? They don't tell us Tom's last name but a playoff game for a divisional title would be about Oct 3rd when they were supposed to get married? Right?

Kim Robb

Answer: Lynn's last name is Westland. The credits have it incorrectly listed as Wells. There is no explanation for the error.


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