Friday the 13th

The movie starts with a flashback. Mrs. Voohries goes on her killing spree because the camp counselors at Crystal Lake paid no attention while her son drowned. The last counselor, however, beheads Jason's mom. Jason, secretly watching, picks up the machete used to kill his mother and becomes the monstrous killer we all know and love. Now, at the present, a group of 20-year-olds camp in the woods by Crystal Lake, looking for weed. Of course, they have sex, get drunk/high, and die one by one. This is all before the main title card and credits. Six weeks later, another group of 20-year-olds are on their way to those same woods for a weekend retreat to their snobby friend's lake house. Meanwhile, the protagonist, Clay, meets up with the party goers while he is looking for his sister, Whitney, who was part of the first group of 20-year-olds who died six weeks earlier. The friends die one by one in unique ways. One with a bow and arrow, and many with axes. As the body count grows, comic relief is provided by Chewie, a drunk Asian, and a sterotypical "black" character. In truth, everyone dies except Clay and his new "boo," Jenna. They are running from Jason when they find Whitney, alive and trapped. They rescue her as Jenna dies. Clay and Whitney, reunited, manage to kill Jason and dump his body in the lake... or so they thought.


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