Continuity mistake: Near the end, the tank's turret is seen turning. Camera does a quick cut and it's back to where it was before. Camera cuts and it's turning again.

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Continuity mistake: Midway through the movie, when Tuvia and Zus are fighting and the fight ends, Tuvia begins walking up a hill. As he climbs off Zus after the fight, the bottom of his jacket in the back is folded up. As he walks up the hill, the flap is down, but when he gets to the top of the hill and turns around to talk to Zus, the flap is folded back up.

Continuity mistake: At the start when it shows the van and bike driving away, they are close together. Camera cuts and they're about 15m apart instantly.

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Continuity mistake: About 7 minutes into the movie, when Tuvia, Zus and all are meeting in the forest, there is a shot of Zus pouring something from a canteen or bottle onto his hand. There's a quick cut, then back to Zus, where not only is he not pouring anything on his hand, he's not even holding anything in his hand. There's not enough time for him to put the canteen down.


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