Defiance (2008)

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Corrected entry: Almost a dozen microphone shots and one shot showing the lens shade.

Correction: This mistake is way too vague. Resubmit it with more information as to where and when we see some of these mics and the lens shade.

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Corrected entry: In the bombing scene, it shows 3 "JU87 Stukas" attacking and then flying off. The bomb load for these planes were 3 bombs each, 1 x 551lb and 2 x 110 lb bombs, but there were more than 9 bomb blasts in this scene.

Correction: Bombload varied with range. The JU87D could carry upto 1800 kg (4000 lb) of bombs, with up to 1500 kg on the centre-line alone [e.g. see] and there is a nice film of a JU87 dropping 5 bombs onto a convoy in 'The World At War' coverage of the Battle of Britain.



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