The Unborn

The Unborn (2009)

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Corrected entry: When Romey notices something is wrong with Casey's eye, and when Casey goes to the doctor, the eye that is messed up changes between shots.

Correction: Both of her eyes were getting "messed up", therefore one scene showing one eye, and another shot/scene showing the other is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Casey's grandmother shows her a picture of her twin brother (Casey's great uncle) but it is a Polaroid picture, and they weren't invented until after WWII. Casey's great uncle had died during the war, in Auschwitz.


Correction: We can see the photo in closeup twice - for the first time on the table (35:08), then in Casey's hand (35:16). On both occasions it is obvious that the photo is an old black-and-white photograph. There are other pictures on the table, one (Casey's pregnant mother in front of a mirror) is quite dark, and it may seem an upturned Polaroid, but it is not.


Corrected entry: Casey is seen with a drink at the bar, straight after she said, "No" to Mark when he asked her if she wanted anything from the bar.

Correction: I've been to lots of parties where someone asks if I want a drink, I say no, and someone hands me a drink anyway.


Corrected entry: When Casey is at the library, the librarian brings her the book of mirrors and opens it. Yet Casey still has to open the book after the shot changes angles.

Correction: The librarian never opens the book. She simply tells Casey to handle the manuscript carefully.

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