The Unborn
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Continuity mistake: When Romey hits the little boy, she immediately parks her car and gets out. She closes the door behind her and runs to the little boy. After making sure he is ok, she goes back to her car and the door is open.

Revealing mistake: During the ophthalmologist scene, when they zoom into the view of Casey's eye you can see the ring of the contact lens used to create the pigment change special effect.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the scene in which Romy hits the little boy with her car, the camera is following behind her car. We see that she is about to pass a parked SUV on the left side. The camera then cuts to inside the car looking at Romy and the driver side window, and we never see the SUV that she was just about to pass. (00:49:15)

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Trivia: When Sofi wakes up before dawn, she recites a brief thanksgiving prayer to G-d. In Hebrew it is called "Modeh Ani", loosely translated as "I acknowledge", and it is the first prayer uttered by observant Jews after waking up in the morning.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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