Yes Man

Continuity mistake: After Norm, Carl, Allison and others finish watching Philosopher's Stone at the Potter party, it is about 8:00 pm (you can tell by the window behind them). But 2 hours and 40 minutes later they finish watching Chamber of Secrets and we see the window again. It still looks to be 8:00 pm, but it should be almost 11:00 pm.

Continuity mistake: After handing out oranges to the people in line at the bank, Carl goes into his office, approves a loan and then walks back out to talk to Norm. As the shot switches during their conversation, you will see the line of people appear and then suddenly disappear to be replaced with a Security guard talking to a woman.

Continuity mistake: When Pete calls Carl (about missing his engagement party) Carl picks up the phone in his hand and says, "Jesus Pete, I'm not in or I'm busy" and cancels the incoming call, and then places the phone on the arm of the couch. But in the following scene (after yelling at Saw) Pete walks in and Carl uses the excuse, "Oh I totally lost my phone" it magically appears in his pocket. (00:10:10 - 00:10:40)

Good Job!

Continuity mistake: When Jim Carrey is driving off to go jogging after an "all-nighter," he's saying goodbye to his friends in the car. The male nurse turns to see Jim. In the next shot, he turns to see him again.

Continuity mistake: After walking out of the yes seminar, a homeless guy asks for a ride to a park. As he is getting into the car, the door is slightly open. When it cuts to the next shot of the man asking to borrow Carl's phone, the door is suddenly wide open without anyone opening it. (00:20:40)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Norman, Carl and Alison are talking at Norm's Harry Potter party, Alison is holding the goblet by the bottom from a side view. When it changes to a front Carl view, Alison is holding it by the top. This happens repeatedly throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: When Carl is at the yes seminar, there is one part where Carl's friend whispers yes, and Carl looks at him with confusion. In the next camera shot, Carl is looking down, at Terrence's microphone.

Continuity mistake: When Carl is on his way out, the number of the door changes to number 5 instead of 6.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film, Carl's car runs out of gas and as he is walking into the gas station, we can see the sign, including the gas prices. They are all around 5 dollars and 30 cents a gallon. However, later, when the girl arrives, a closer shot near the pump shows the price of gas to be 3 dollars and 30 cents a gallon.

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Continuity mistake: In the jogging scene, Carl is dropped off after an all nighter with Red Bull. In the shot where he is lying down on the ground, Allison squats down on her knees to take a photo of him. In the very next shot it shows her still taking the picture, but now she is only slightly bending her knees. (00:49:35)


Continuity mistake: When Carl arrives to notify the girl that he likes Redbull, he is wearing a glow stick necklace. During the course of the next couple of scenes, the necklace changes positions and the color becomes stronger towards the end.

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