Yes Man

Other mistake: When Jim Carrey runs out of gas, and takes his what appears to be either a one or two gallon gas can and fills it, the quantity dispensed shows 5.74 gallons.

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Other mistake: When Carl is in hospital after the accident with Terence's car, the time is mentioned as 5.40 am but the amount of light coming through the blinds would suggest that it is much later in the day.

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Other mistake: When Carl is playing dance dance revolution in the bar, you can see that there are 0/2 credits in the game while he's playing.

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Other mistake: When Jim Carey drives up to the Griffith Observatory, the sun is in the southeast for most of the scene (they are north of the building), but in a few of the shots you can see that the shadows are going northeast, meaning the sun is in the southwest, meaning it is late in the afternoon rather than early in the morning.

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Allison: The world's a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.



All the Cisco VoIP phones seen in the film have the booting Cisco logo on them and would not work due to no connection.



Danny Wallace, on whose book the film was very-loosely based, appears in the Hen Night party scene near the end of the film, standing at the bar just behind Jim Carrey.