Lost in Space

Trivia: Jonathan Harris, who played Dr. Smith in the TV series, was set to play the man who hired and then betrayed Dr. Smith.

Trivia: When Dr Robinson is on the planet talking to Matt Le Blanc, Matt says "Where the Hell are we", the Dr replies, "The question is when the Hell are we" this is an allusion to Back To The Future when those same lines are said between Dr. Brown and Marty.

Trivia: 4 members of the original cast of Lost in Space were in this film: Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, Mark Goodard, and June Lockart, also the original voice of the Robot.

Stephen Edmonds 1

Trivia: Matt LeBlanc was also filming hit show Friends at the same time, and often jetted between the USA and London - sleeping on the plane and going straight from set to set.

Factual error: When the Jupiter 2 blasts off, it does so in the most fuel inefficient way possible - flat surface first. The air resistance would be fifty times less if they'd angled it side on. Plus, when the aerodynamic cover blasts away, the Jupiter 2 itself is revealed - and it is more aerodynamic than the cover. Rocket science must have taken a few steps backward lately... .

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Dr. Smith: Never trust anyone, especially me.

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Question: What did John said to the spider Smith after he said, "Remember the Proteus," and what did he mean by that?

Answer: He meant (as he says shortly after) that the spiders on the Proteus (that infected Smith) eat their dead/wounded, so when spider Smith's egg-sack is ruptured, the babies eat him.


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