New this month Continuity mistake: When Penny is on her scooter and Bolt has a bomb with a timer on it reading 34 seconds, it actually closer to 50 seconds before bomb detonates.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, at the bridge scene, the man in the car's sunglasses fall from his face and the wind seemingly directs them to the boat underneath. The shot changes to Penny, and her hair is being blown the opposite way.

Continuity mistake: After jumping off the back of the moving van, Mittens brushes a twig and leaf off of herself - both appearing to land beside her. But when she threatens Bolt with the styrofoam, the twig and leaf are gone.

Bolt mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Penny and Bolt are acting out the chase scene on the playback monitor, the producers are enraged over a boom mic showing up in the shot. Yet seconds earlier during the actual scene, you don't see the boom mic in the upper right corner. (00:10:10 - 00:11:50)

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Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film when Penny takes one last picture, Mittens is lying against the mother's lap. But at the very end when you see the photo, Mittens is sitting up and posing.

Continuity mistake: When the man hears barks coming from the shipping box Bolt is in, he takes a knife and slices a line through the tape that goes across the top of the box. Then the next shot shows all the tape sliced. (00:26:00)

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: When they discover the boom mic in the background, there are two monitors in the background. Both seem to have the same time and date on them, yet they show Bolt in completely different positions.

Continuity mistake: When Penny and Bolt are doing their show at the beginning, Penny is on her scooter when she tells Bolt to "speak" and also when the shot comes up when the camera is right in front of Bolt's face(right before the superbark). But when cam 5 comes up where the man is talking to Mindy Parker about Bolt the scooter is laying on the ground and Penny is not on it.

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Continuity mistake: Penny takes a photo of herself with Bolt after Bolt has 'rescued' her again at the very beginning with a Polaroid camera. She places it (the camera) on a counter next to the trailer's door and it is parallel to the edge. Later, after the two cats have taunted Bolt and the camera pans down, the camera has moved and is now positioned at an angle on the counter.

Bolt mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Penny pours dog food onto a bowl for Bolt and places it next a pillow. Cut to Penny trying to get Bolt to play with his toys and a bone design has appeared on the bowl. It's too fast for Penny to turn the bowl around. (00:16:35)


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At the start of the movie, a great deal is made of the boom mic that enters the shot. This is ridiculous, because Bolt's view would not be restricted to what was onscreen, he'd have a perfect view of the person holding the boom mic (as evidenced by it not being stable). There's no possibility of him not seeing the person holding the mic either. As Bolt completely and utterly believes the world he lives in, and thinks the situations he finds himself in (saving Penny) are real, someone holding a boom mic would break the illusion for him. In ALL instances in the movie where an outside force (i.e. Dog handler) interacts with him, Bolt never gets to see the person handling him (handler approaches from behind), the boom mic operator however is literally right in front of him.



When Bolt threatens to drop Mittens from the overpass unless she tells him where Penny is, the bus from Speed (1994/I, with 2525 on the roof) passes underneath.