Max Payne

Factual error: In the film, Sgt. Jack Lupino is depicted as a United States Marine Corp Sargent. However, when Max is watching an interview with Lupino it shows him wearing either a Gunnery Sargent or Master Sargent chevrons. Not only that, but the chevrons happen to be upside down. No US Marine would ever make a mistake like that.

Factual error: As the vehicle drives on a street of 'downtown New York', on the right side of the scene as we pass store fronts, one can see the familiar symbol of the American Automobile Association - except it has CAA - Canadian AA. Canadian viewers, especially those from Toronto who recognise the city where this movie was shot, will no doubt smile at this oversight. It's early in the movie - before all the action really starts, I believe before Donal Logue's character is killed.

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