Sex Drive

Sex Drive (2008)


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Randy: What's Up?
Andy: What's Up, what's up?
Randy: You wanna party?

Thug Prisoner: Hey! Hey ladies.
Lance: Hey how about you sit the fuck back down before me and you have a problem.
Thug Prisoner: How about you just, uh... chill out man. Be cool.
Lance: Alright we good?
Thug Prisoner: Yea, we're good.

Ian: Is there a cock and ball on the front of me again?
Lance: Like a little tree trunk.

Andy: Why don'tcha take a picture Ian?
Randy: Yeah, and post it on total fucking awesomeness dot com.
Andy: Backslash we rule.
Randy: Wheredja come up with that?

Randy: We were just banging that chick in our car.
Female Cop: Yea, you mentioned that.
Andy: Yea, super hard.

Andy: Hey babe, you wanna party?
Girl Entering Party: I'm at a party.
Randy: You wanna make out with us?

Andy: You gotta get over the monkey.

Ian: Holy buckets... she wants me to give her the D.

Rex: I wouldn't let you drive The Judge if it was parked on my Schnutz.

Lance: It's like knives.

Ian: Hey, uh, can I ask you guys a question?
Randy: You just did.
Ian: Can I ask you guys another question?
Andy: You just did again.

Ian: There's no service out here. I can't even tell her I'll be late.
Lance: Good. That's perfect. Keep her waiting. You don't want to come off as desperate.
Ian: I'm driving nine hours. How am I not coming off desperate?
Lance: We had shit to do?

Lance: I can't believe I'm banging an Amish chick. I mean, seriously, what are the odds?

Randy: Oh, what's up, what's up?
Andy: What's up what's up?

Ian: You don't know my brother, okay? He's gonna fuck my ass with a roll of quarters.
Ezekiel: What? He's gonna what? With what?
Ian: Oh, yeah! He's gonna go get off work early, and he's gonna walk into the bank, stand in line, change a 10, find my ass, and just... fuck it... with a roll of fucking quarters.

Rick: Ease it back, man. That donut ain't fuckin' around.

Randy: You wear thong underpants?
Andy: You want us to take our shirts off?
Randy: Where do you live?
Andy: Is your mom hot too?
Randy: Where do you live?
Andy: What's your address?
Randy: You like pizza?

Jogger: Hey, Knievel, what say you get your bike out of the fricking road?

Little Boy at Trailer Park: Weiner.

Rex: What smells like jizz?

Visible crew/equipment: When the GTO is driving to Knoxville, there are a few shots of the GTO passing other cars. When we see the black convertible with 2 girls in it, look in the black paintwork and you can see the camera boom clear as day. (00:35:45)

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Question: After Rex finds out the key to the Judge is missing, he goes back home on a motorbike. He pulls up the garage door and finds the Judge is not there. He snaps and begins to punch, kick and swear. Breaks down the door, has stuff sprawled out all over the ground, and smokes a cigarette. In both versions of the movie including the deleted scenes, it never shows how Rex was able to find Ian at the motel. How was Rex able to find Ian at a motel in Knoxville, Tennessee?

Answer: LoJack.

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