Mirrors (2008)


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Michael Carson: Don't be scared, mommy. He just wants to come play with us.

Dr. Morris: When one starts to perceive one's own reflection as a completely separate being, one is suddenly confronted with two entirely separate egos, two entirely separate worlds that can strip us at any given moment. Feeling of self-hatred, usually triggered by a psychological shock, can split the personality in two, hence creating two or more personalities with distinct memories with distinct behavior patterns within the same individual. The patient then has the false perception of the existence of two distinct worlds. The real world, and the world inside a mirror.

Ben Carson: I know who did this.
Amy Carson: Well in that case, you've gotta tell Larry everything.
Ben Carson: He'll never believe me. Neither will you.

Ben Carson: You polish them?
Lorenzo Sapelli: I'm sorry?
Ben Carson: The mirrors. They're so clean.
Lorenzo Sapelli: Oh, no, that's Gary. Gary Lewis. The fella who's been working here before you. He was completely obsessed with these damn mirrors. Spent the entire night cleaning them.

Other mistake: Even though the building is said to not have power and the guards have to use flashlights, the first time Keiffer goes in the basement he is able to flick the switch and turn on the lights.

Kim Citrowske
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