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Corrected entry: In the scene after the mirror-person rips the sister's jaw apart in the bathtub, the detective in the following scene drains the water from the tub by removing the drain plug. No detective would have done this, as there could be evidence of the cause of death and the murderer (if any), and they would drain the tub with buckets and sift through them to preserve anything they find. (00:40:00 - 00:46:00)

Correction: This was a character choice: admittedly a bad one. The detective was a close friend of the victim, and likely responded more out of shock, like someone wanting to cover the body of a friend or relative who'd just died horribly.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when Ben is in the mirror world, all the writing on the police cars is backwards. However the word "Police" on the car's bonnet is also backwards. Since in the regular world this is already written backwards to be read from a car's rear view mirror, this word should appear written normally.

Correction: NYPD police cars have the word 'police' written forward, so in the mirror world, it would be backwards.

Jeff Walker

Corrected entry: Water counted as something that would give a reflection good enough to let the person in the mirrors come, but the person could not use other things, for example people's eyes or clean knives, when they gave better reflections than water or very close to it. (This is a plot hole because it is never explained.)


Correction: There are many plausible explanations for this, none of which MUST be presented in the film. The fact is we only see the demon use mirrors and water. It could be the medium has to be of a certain size. It could be the demon hasn't figured out how to use very tiny reflections. It isn't a plot hole just because it isn't explained on film.


The people on the other side CAN use small reflections, as Michael's reflection uses the reflection on the doorknob to open the door.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben is taking the pills and has the conversation with his sister, she leaves and he takes a drink. When he raises his head and sees his distorted face and screams, his sister rushes in and when she leaves after getting screamed at, she begins to walk out and never touches the door. In the following shot of Ben getting up, the door is closed, with his sister never having touched it. Nor is there the sound of it closing.

Correction: As Ben's sister leaves after Ben shouts at her, you see her grab the door just before it cuts back to Ben. When Ben gets up and looks in the mirror, you can see that the door is not properly shut. Obviously she pulled the door and it didn't close completely, hence not making a noise.


Corrected entry: In the last few minutes of the film when Ben realizes he is in the mirror-world and not his own, he crosses a street just before touching the mirror. If this was in fact a "mirror-world", in the cars the drivers' side would be on the right, and the street signs on the poles would also be reversed, none of which is the case.

Correction: If you pay close attention, there is no yellow or double yellow line down the middle of the street, indicating that it's a one-way street. Therefore, there is no mistake.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Amy is telling her son to get ready before school, his TSUBASA CHRONICLES wall scroll changes to NEGIMA! in the shots with his mother in the mirror.

Correction: It is a different wall.


Other mistake: When Ben takes a pill, he leans over the sink and his left hand has a bandage on it. In the following scene, he cuts his hand and bandages it. (00:22:55)

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Ben Carson: You polish them?
Lorenzo Sapelli: I'm sorry?
Ben Carson: The mirrors. They're so clean.
Lorenzo Sapelli: Oh, no, that's Gary. Gary Lewis. The fella who's been working here before you. He was completely obsessed with these damn mirrors. Spent the entire night cleaning them.

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