Journey to the Center of the Earth

Corrected entry: Fraser's brother is found buried in the center of the earth, but no one could have buried him.

Correction: He wasn't buried when Hannah found him. They buried him later.


But didn't his brother fall in lava in the beginning?

That is most likely Trevor's dream in the beginning of the movie.

Corrected entry: Shortly after they enter the volcano the ground below them cracks and breaks and they fall for a very long time, as much as 15 seconds. By this time they would be going so fast that when they hit the water it would be like hitting concrete. And while there are documented cases of people surviving such falls into water, it is absurdly unlikely that all three would be completely unhurt.

Correction: Watch the scene again, and listen to the explanation. They don't just fall into the water. As Trevor explains, they begin falling with the water and slow down in the falling waterfall, until they finally hit the body of water at a survivable speed.


Corrected entry: When they set 'sail' across the underground sea, the kite shows a very strong wind from behind them. But the waves go in all different directions, and show no signs of a strong wind in any specific direction.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The wind high above them is different to the wind at ground/water level, Trevor explains this as the reason for making the kite ropes so long.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are walking through the giant mushrooms, in the background you can see somebody wearing a backpack run across.

Correction: The person running is actually Sean running ahead from the group. He eventually says to come look.


Corrected entry: When Sean is separated from Trevor and Hannah, his backpack is left behind. Trevor and Hannah later are seen carrying just their own backpacks. Yet at the end of the movie, Trevor opens Sean's backpack and discovered the gems.

Correction: Trevor has Sean's backpack tied to his backpack. Mostly visible right after Trevor fights the man-eating plants.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Brendan Fraser drops a light stick and times its fall he states he is using g = 32 ft/s^2 and the time of fall is just under three seconds. This gives a fall distance of 144 feet, but Brendan states that the distance is 200 feet. Even if he chose to round off by a large factor, it should be rounded down, not up.

Jeremy Wood

Correction: When determining how much rope is needed to descend it is better to round up and not down. Better to have too much rope than not enough. If he would have said 100 feet, they would have had to drop the remaining amount and risk breaking a leg. Not a character mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene on the plane, Trevor starts rambling about Pb means lead. However, Sigurbjorn Asgeirsson doesn't contain the letter P and the family name doesn't contain the letter B either. (00:12:00)

Correction: Pb is lead and he is just mumbling things. He was not saying Pb had anything to do with the family name.


Corrected entry: If every time there is a series of seizures in the earth, the temperature rises to 120F (enough for the oceans to evaporate), how have the birds and dinosaurs survived? The birds I'll consent may have flown to a cooler area, but T-Rexes are big cold-blooded animals that would have dropped dead long before the humans dehydrated.

Correction: Adaptation. This whole underground world is filled with unique species who have adapted to survive in their environment. It's not explained *how* they survive, it's only shown that they do. It's science fiction, after all.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Trevor, Hannah, and his nephew discover the luminescent birds that are supposed to be extinct, they follow them into another area of the cave. However, they leave their backpacks on the shore. In a later scene where they are trekking through the plantlife of the center of the earth, they have them again.

Correction: There is a scene change, between finding the luminescent birds and exploring the plant life, during which they could have easily gone back to retrieve their backpacks.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning where Trevor is looking through Max's stuff, he sets the glove on the table. In the next shot the glove is back in the box. (00:07:10)

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Sean: Oh, we're in deep schist.

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Trivia: A subtle reference to this film's 3D format: In Max's box, Trevor finds a pocket stereoscope, which are funky looking glasses that create the illusion of a three-dimensional image from two-dimensional photographs. It was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1840.

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Question: In some theaters, the film is shown in 3-D. When the film is released on home video, will it also be in 3-D?

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Chosen answer: Yep. The DVD comes in 3-D and 2-D versions. The 3-D versions come with (if I remember correctly) four pairs of 3-D glasses.

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