Step Brothers

Visible crew/equipment: When Brennan and Dale are talking about the drum set in the living room, you can see a crew member on the glass window.

Step Brothers mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When we see Nancy, Robert, Dale and Brennan on the boat, as the camera pans past Robert and Nancy, you can see the camera reflected in the shiny post of the boats wheel. (00:14:55)

Hamster Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: When Brennan and Dale are on the stage at the wine mixer, Brennan sings opera and when Dale plays the drums you can see a crewmember reflected underneath the cymbal.


Visible crew/equipment: After their argument in the car (after Brennan and Dale have shown their presentation), Robert rushes into the house. As the camera moves backwards, you can see a crew member reflected in the mirror on the wall. (00:57:10)

Mortug Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the singing car scene, when the range rover swerves around oncoming traffic, you can see a police officer stopping civilian traffic in the background of the shot. (00:24:25)

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