Outpost (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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The mass of bodies the mercs find are the test subjects in question, while the supposedly mute brain damaged survivor is in fact their SS commander. All of them are butchered leaving only engineer Hunt left, who uncovers more test subjects, moments before his discovery takes him. Next night , the rescue team for the mercs arrive only to be greeted by our undead SS.


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Prior: Someone want to tell me what the fuck he's talking about?
McKay: He thinks we're being stalked by dead Nazis.
Jordan: Ghosts?
McKay: I didn't get shot by some fucking spectral entity, here. These things are solid.
Hunt: But the one that killed Cotter vanished right in front of us.
McKay: So why don't they swoop down here like God's own wrath and take us out right here and now, then, eh?
Hunt: I don't know. Maybe God's not in on this miracle.