Cleaner (2007)

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Other mistake: Eddie comes to see Tom at the bathroom clean-up job and convinces Tom to confide in him. Eddie tells Tom that he'll, "See what Wallace knows". There is no character named "Wallace" - he was supposed to say "Vargas", the investigator on the case. The subtitles correctly reference Vargas.

Brenda Elzin

Continuity mistake: Just after Samuel Jackson has an argument with his daughter he sits on the bed and gets his safe. The clock reads 11:40, but in the next shot when you see him with stuff from the safe the clock reads 11:38. (01:03:20)

Continuity mistake: When Tom goes to Eddy's house to tell him about whose key he had, Eddy opens the screen door twice - a final cutting error. (01:10:05)

Continuity mistake: Tom is cleaning the convenience store, presumably after a fatal robbery and a woman is weeping in the back room. The door is ajar about 1-2 feet when Tom first sees her; when we see him next to the door to close it to shield her from his work, the door is more than halfway open.


Audio problem: Tom is in the van, after dropping off his daughter, and he "redials" a number on his cellphone but we hear the electronic beeps for each number being dialled, even though redialling on cellphones does not produce those sounds.


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