Apocalypse Now

Visible crew/equipment: Before we see Chef with his Bunny, the camera pans along from the rear of the helicopter to the front. First we see the reflected studio lights, then we see a great reflection of a cameraman with his equipment under a hood in the window of the copter. (01:27:50)


Visible crew/equipment: If you keep your eyes on the right side of the screen before Colonel Kilgore gives the injured VC soldier a drink you can see a crew member's hand holding a light meter pass quickly in and out of the shot. (00:29:20)


Visible crew/equipment: After a soldier hands Colonel Kilgore the Air-Cav shorts that he gives to Lance, the reflection of several crew members can be seen moving in the middle of the megaphone to the right of the screen. (00:48:40)


Visible crew/equipment: After Clean is killed in the rocket attack there are several shots where the camera crew films the front of the PBR as it approaches them. The spray and turbulence from their boat in front of the PBR can be seen in all of these shots. (01:52:20)


Visible crew/equipment: As they get the boat ready to head for shore if you look closely at the left the screen turbulence from the engines of the camera boat can be seen in the water as it passes them. (00:24:45)


Audio problem: As Playmate of the Year Carrie Foster is brought out to the audience carried by two Green Berets watch the band behind her closely. The bass player stops playing as he scratches his head but the bass on the soundtrack keeps going. (01:07:55)


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Willard: Hey soldier, do you know who's in command here?
Soldier: Ain't you?

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Apocalypse Now trivia picture

Trivia: The man shooting the movie during the attack on the beach who says "Don't look at the camera" is actually director Francis Ford Coppola. (00:25:38)

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Question: Would anyone happen to know what song is playing in the background on the radio beside the intelligence officer sitting at the bar when Martin Sheen enters the Generals trailer and is being interviewed by Harrison Ford for the first time?

Answer: It's not any specific song; it's just the kind of generic piano music you'd hear at dinner at a high-class restaurant of the era. Think of scenes in movies, films, etc. set or made in the '50s and '60s, where the characters go to a nice dinner and there's someone at the piano playing unobtrusive music to accompany the food/conversation.

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