The Incredible Hulk

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Bruce is in the helicopter hearing about the other "hulk", the camera is the only thing being moved around to simulate a shaky helicopter ride. The equipment nor any of the actors inside the copter are moving around or stabilizing themselves according to how bumpy the camera movements are making it out to be.


Other mistake: When Bruce is riding his bicycle to deliver pizza to the University, you hear him ringing a bicycle bell while he says, "Excuse me". If you look at the bike he's riding, there's no bell to be found. (00:36:00)

Factual error: All of the soldiers in the movie are wearing the Battle Dress Uniform, but at the time the movie took place (around the same time as the first Iron Man) that uniform was already phased out and replaced with the Army Combat Uniform. Also, all of the soldiers had their name tags on the left side of the uniform, where the U.S. Army tag is supposed to go, instead of on the right side.


Factual error: General Ross and Blonsky are shown in their Class A uniforms, and both of them are missing their U.S. insignia on the collars. Also, General Ross is shown wearing the infantry cross rifles branch insignia on his collar, but as a general officer he would not wear a branch insignia. I could give Blonsky a pass since he's a British officer wearing an American dress uniform for reasons not explained onscreen, but Ross should have known much better as a general with decades of service. (00:30:10)


Continuity mistake: At the university while Hulk fights the army the sun changes between shots.


Other mistake: In the University battle sequence, the screen shot of the attacking helicopter's targeting system indicates a lock on the Hulk, but when the pilot opens fire, the machine gun bullets "walk" to their target, instead of being direct hits as would be expected.

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Continuity mistake: When Abomination pins Hulk to the wall, and Hulk starts to push back, at first, when the camera view is level with their heads, Abomination's left hand is grabbing Hulk's right forearm. But when the camera view lowers to their abdominals, Hulk's right hand is grabbing Abomination's left forearm.


Factual error: When Bruce and Betty are attempting to drive into New York, they get stopped at a police roadblock at the tunnel entrance and start walking instead. When we see them crossing a bridge, a sign says "No Wake - Speed Limit 9km\H. Being in the United States, this would be miles per hour or knots, not kilometers. (01:11:50)


Abomination: General! Any last words?
Hulk: Hulk...SMASH!

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Trivia: Paul Soles, who portrays the character Stanley, was the voice of Dr. Bruce Banner for the 1966 cartoon of The Incredible Hulk. The name "Stanley" is itself likely a reference to Hulk co-creator Stan Lee.

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