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Corrected entry: The Incredible Hulk's eyes change thoughout the movie from a very pale green to dark and even to yellow at one point.

Correction: Okay, so you've pointed that out. Now explain why that's a mistake, because, given the mucked-up nature of Banner's physiology, it doesn't seem unreasonable that his eyes might vary in colour.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Ross and Bruce were in the hotel room, Banner empties the purse on the bed and there is some cash inside the wallet. As they are about to leave he picks up the cash which isn't in the wallet anymore. (01:08:10)

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Abomination: General! Any last words?
Hulk: Hulk...SMASH!

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Trivia: Paul Soles, who portrays the character Stanley, was the voice of Dr. Bruce Banner for the 1966 cartoon of The Incredible Hulk. The name "Stanley" is itself likely a reference to Hulk co-creator Stan Lee.

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