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Factual error: When Roanoke reenters the Stanley Cup game 7 toward the end of the game, the face-off takes place at center ice. That only happens at the start of each period, or after a goal is scored.

Factual error: There is an ostrich that releases an egg on to his plate, however the bird is a male as females are brown and this one was not.

Factual error: When Darren was kicked out of the first game, behind the referee that suspended Darren, there was another one with orange stripes. The one referee that was grabbing Darren to bring him off the ice also had orange stripes. All three had stripes. In a real game, only two of the referees have stripes.


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Guru Pitka: Intimacy is like putting your wiener on a table and having someone say "That looks like a penis... only smaller."



In the beginning of the film, when Pitka is using the voice-over machine, it is a black machine. In the bar scene however, the machine is a pale-ish orange color. The orange-ish machine is also used in the ending scene before the song.



When Mike Myers is in the car with Darren Roanoke he is flipping stations (Darren was listening to rap). Mike Myers wants to hear Indian music, Darren switches it back. Mike Myers puts on Bohemian Rhapsody for a brief moment and gives the camera a knowing look. Bohemian Rhapsody was a very popular part of the Mike Myers movie Wayne's World.