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Continuity mistake: When the ship bursts through the field of satellites, you can see that none of them attached to the ship or WALL-E, but in the next shot, there are now 5 or 6 satellites attached to WALL-E and the ship. (00:32:10)


Factual error: When AUTO tilts the Axiom during the argument with the captain, which later results in WALL-E being crushed and everyone sliding to one side, should not be possible. In space, there is no gravity, and on the Axiom there is artificial gravity, meaning everything is pulled inward, so if the ship turns, they shouldn't notice and nothing should change.

Factual error: The Rubiks cube that Wall-e pulls out of his cooler is not accurate for a real cube. That cube has white and yellow on the same piece which is impossible for a real cube. Then after Eve solves it, white and yellow are on opposite sides as they should be.

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Continuity mistake: When picked up from Earth, Eve is placed into the first of five spaces (left). When unloaded on Axiom, it's the fifth on the right. (00:32:59 - 00:36:29)

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Suggested correction: They spun around when they got off.

I thought this mistake was already corrected and I'm not sure why it was taken down. It does seem that we see the other side of the wall after the first shot. The robots spin around and are now facing the other way. They are still in the same order though.


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Continuity mistake: After the Global CEO's message for A113 is played, the screen goes to the Buy and Large test pattern logo. As the Captain argues about the plant, the angle changes to Auto, and the Global CEO is on the screen again. (01:05:33)

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Continuity mistake: On disk 2 of the Special Edition, there are BnL shorts. In one of the shorts it says that the tennis bot's name is TEN-S, but in another feature of the disk that shows a list of all the bots, it says its name is SR-V.

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Continuity mistake: When Wall-E's caterpillar track is disintegrating, leading to a bumpy ride, it's his right-hand side track that is shown broken. When he checks it against another Wall-E unit, he picks up his left track, which is now broken. Finally, when repaired, the camera shows his right track again running smoothly. Wall-E hasn't turned round either - his 'lunchbox' is still on the back in all scenes. (00:04:35)

Captain: I don't want to survive. I want to live!

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Trivia: When Wall-E has to restart himself in the beginning of the movie - after the solar charge - his booting up noise is the iconic Apple sound.

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Question: When Wall-E and Eve are in the repair ward, and Wall-E is misinterpreting Eve's cleaning as torture, what is the second "scene" supposed to be? I understand that the first one looks like Eve is having her arm ripped off and the third looks like Eve is having her head chopped off, but I can't figure out what the second one with the malfunctioning umbrella is supposed to be.

Answer: It's a combination of what WALL-E sees happening to EVE, with her circuitry lighting up and her head bobbing up and down as she laughs, with the noise of the umbrella as the diagnostic arms try to force it down. All WALL-E can hear is something that resembles a mechanical screech, along with EVE reacting - he thinks that she's being electrocuted and is in pain.

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