What Happens in Vegas

Continuity mistake: When Mason runs into Joy at the park, a dog in the background drastically changes positions from shot to shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Joy goes to work after moving in with Jack, she is in a blue dress. When she is at work, her dress is grey - the same one she had on at work at the beginning of the movie, before the break up. But when they meet later at the counselor's, she is back in blue. (Not to be confused with the red jacket she is wearing while she is working.)

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Continuity mistake: At the party, when Joy rips Jack's name tag that says, "Hello I'm Joy's Bitch" and puts it on the other woman's dress, it moves from diagonal, to straight, to diagonal, to straight on the back of the dress.

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Continuity mistake: After Joy shows her boss her wine bottle/knife trick, she pours a glass of wine, and when the shot changes the bubbles disappear instantly.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Joy quits her job, you see she is wearing the ring she just gave to Jack in the scene before.

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Continuity mistake: When Joy is taking the sheets off the bed, it cuts to her saying "can I sleep on the couch?" and behind her the bed sheets appear back on.



Continuity mistake: When Joy is curling her hair in the bathroom, Jack is standing at the door waiting to use it, and there's a file cabinet with wheels which disappears when Joy comes out.

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Continuity mistake: Joy is in the shower washing her upper body. Then she finishes and turns around - but in the next shot she is washing her upper body again.

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Continuity mistake: When the bald "guy" hits Ashton Kutcher in the face with a hard right, you can see that the fist hits Ashton's left eye and his face turns to the right. But in the scene after, he comes in with the "blue-eye" and it's on the right eye, the eye that didn't get the hit at all.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene were Joy and Jack talk about getting fired and dumped respectively first of all a drink appears out of nowhere in Joy's hand and then the drinks change colour between shots.

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In the scene when everyone is in the white Hummer, the vehicle is moving north on the Las Vegas Strip; on the right is Bally's and the Flamingo, with Treasure Island straight ahead in the distance. Yet a few seconds later, when Joy asks the driver to let them out, they are in front of the fountains at Bellagio, which indicates that they are now travelling south on the Strip - yet we never see the Hummer change direction or turn around.