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What Happens in Vegas (2008)

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Corrected entry: After Joy and her friend get out of the Hummer limo to "plan their attack on the strip", Jack pops out of the sunroof and dares Joy to "one drink". Joy is obviously wearing a large and gaudy purse on her right shoulder, but when she returns to the limo the purse is gone.


Correction: She is wearing the purse when she steps out of the hummer (13:15)and walks away, when Jack says "You have a plan to make plans"(13.31) you can she that she is now holding the bag in her hand. It's still in her hand when she walks back towards him so the bag isn't gone. There is a continuity error because at 13:40 the bag suddenly appears back on her shoulder but 13:31 shows that the bag is basically in her hand not just gone.

Corrected entry: When Joy invites Jack's parents over to his house to eat, his shirt is a long sleeved. Later, when Jack goes to see Joy's ex-fiance, his shirt is short sleeved.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. There is no reason why he should still be in the same clothes.There scene with the parents seems to be in the evening. You can see from the windows that it is getting dark and also they're having dinner.The next scene shows jack and his lawyer friend talking about her going after his family.It's now day time- bright and sunny. He goes into the bathroom and finds her ring and says "why didn't I think of this before? If she is going to play dirty then so am I"(56:16)through this whole time he has been wearing a completely different shirt- its blue and white. The scene following this is when he goes to give the ring so the ring scene is not even the same day as the parents scene.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Joy are racing to marriage counseling, Joy buys five oranges from the street vendor, but throws six at Jack.


Correction: Joy doesn't buy 5. She asks the vendor " how many for 10 of these" to which he replies "ten for $2" she is then seen filling the bag and saying "ok take $5" (51:47). A couple minutes before this, sitting in the cab, she realised she only has $5.

Corrected entry: When Joy is preparing to pop the champagne for her boss she grabs the bottle and slides the knife on the bottle. The metal cage on the cork of the bottle is intact; however when she pops the bottle, the metal cage is removed.

Correction: When she is handed the bottle by jack you can see her removing the metal at 1:08:18.

Corrected entry: No matter what outfit Joy leaves to go to work in - in every scene at the office, she always has a grey dress on.

Correction: You see in the scene when she first go to work she is handed the grey 'dress'. This is a coat to wear so the traders can see who she works for.

Factual error: In the scene when everyone is in the white Hummer, the vehicle is moving north on the Las Vegas Strip; on the right is Bally's and the Flamingo, with Treasure Island straight ahead in the distance. Yet a few seconds later, when Joy asks the driver to let them out, they are in front of the fountains at Bellagio, which indicates that they are now travelling south on the Strip - yet we never see the Hummer change direction or turn around.

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Hater: You're falling for your wife! Idiot.

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