What Happens in Vegas
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Judge R. D. Whopper: ...Listen, I've been married for twenty five years to the same wonderful, infuriating woman. And granted there are days when I want to light her on fire but I don't, because I love her. And that would be illegal. And you know something, and I might be old fashioned but when I said those vows, I meant them.

Hater: Lavender, you get on my head.

Jack Fuller: It's like you're trying to come in first, but it's someone else's race.

Dave the Bear: Do you even know how to drive an automatic?

Jack Fuller Sr.: You're like a son to me.
Jack Fuller: Dad, I am your son.

Tipper: If I could kill someone with my mind right now, it would be you.

Jack Fuller: How hard can it be?
Joy McNally: I know how hard it isn't.

Tipper: I just wanna junk-punch him in his man business.

Hater: You're falling for your wife! Idiot.

Jack Fuller: ...We got robbed. All they took was the door.

Chong: I eat girls like you.
Joy McNally: You eat girls?
Chong: That's not what I me.
Joy McNally: No, makes sense.
Chong: No! I'm not.
Joy McNally: Totally understandable.

Tipper: You know why.

Hater: This is my lesbian sister. Tell them about your softball team, tell them about your team.

Hater: I'm the law, bitch.

Jack Fuller: Where's the one place where you can step up and be a man?
Hater: Community college?

Jack Fuller: Where's the one place where you can step up and be a man?
Hater: Community college?

Factual error: In the scene when everyone is in the white Hummer, the vehicle is moving north on the Las Vegas Strip; on the right is Bally's and the Flamingo, with Treasure Island straight ahead in the distance. Yet a few seconds later, when Joy asks the driver to let them out, they are in front of the fountains at Bellagio, which indicates that they are now travelling south on the Strip - yet we never see the Hummer change direction or turn around.

Chris in Texas
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