The Ruins

The Ruins (2008)


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Jeff: What's going on?
Stacy: My boyfriend is fucking your girlfriend, that's what's going on.

Jeff: They don't want us to spread it. That's why they won't let us leave. They're salting the soil to keep it contained. It's old. It has to be really old because the birds, the insects... and now, they've learned not to land here.

Amy: This is so not okay.

Jeff: Did you find the phone?
Amy: It's not a phone.
Jeff: Amy.
Amy: No! There is no fucking phone.

Amy: We're being quarantined here. We are being kept here to die.
Jeff: This doesn't happen! Four Americans on a vacation don't just disappear.

Stacy: I cut my knee.

Jeff: People come from all over the world just to see these ruins, especially one that's not on the map. I'm not taking you to some tourist trap, honey. Don't you want to have some experience or something to shoot other than the beach, the pool, the beach, the pool?
Amy: Well, you're already dressed, so you might as well go without me.
Jeff: Hey, but I don't want to go without you.

Jeff: The police, our parents, the Greeks, somebody. Somebody is going to find us. We just have to be alive when they do.

Jeff: So what do you guys think: Ancient Mayan temple off the beaten path?

Amy: Do you think they're going to find us?
Eric: Honestly, I think making a run for it is our only chance.

Revealing mistake: When Stacy exits the tent before cutting herself with the knife, the rock walls behind her "shake" like they are a set or projection. It's odd.

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Trivia: Throughout the film, the five characters on the Mayan structure walk around in thin clothing day and night. In reality, it was quite chilly; the director and crew wore jackets to shield them from the cold.

Allister Cooper, 2011
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