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The Ruins (2008)

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Jeff McIntire makes Amy play possum, as he carries her down the temple, then distracts the local Mayans allowing her to escape, while he is cut down by arrows then finished off with a shot to the head.Only as she's fleeing back to civilization, Dimitri's mates show up at the ruins looking for him. Alternate ending: Amy drives away from the ruins and the locals and there's a close up shot on her face revealing that the vines are inside her. Some time later, Amy dies and at a cemetery, the caretaker notices some vines on Amy's grave...

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Continuity mistake: When Amy says that she lost her earring, she's wearing shades. The shot cuts to Stacy and then back to Amy, who is now wearing spectacles without having had enough time to change her glasses off screen. (00:03:40)

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Jeff: People come from all over the world just to see these ruins, especially one that's not on the map. I'm not taking you to some tourist trap, honey. Don't you want to have some experience or something to shoot other than the beach, the pool, the beach, the pool?
Amy: Well, you're already dressed, so you might as well go without me.
Jeff: Hey, but I don't want to go without you.

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Trivia: Throughout the film, the five characters on the Mayan structure walk around in thin clothing day and night. In reality, it was quite chilly; the director and crew wore jackets to shield them from the cold.

Allister Cooper, 2011
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