Nim's Island

Corrected entry: In the start of the movie Nim is talking about the death of her mother and that she got eaten by a whale. This is impossible because a whale's throat is so small the a whale can't swallow anything bigger than a grape fruit.

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Correction: Nim was quite small at the time of her mother's death. Her father created an understandable fairytale for her to explain what happened. Which is why we are shown it using storybook-like visuals. With her vivid imagination, Nim just decided to keep the fairytale alive and to transmit it.


Corrected entry: Nim tells Alexandra that her island is located 162W, 20S in the south Asiatic Sea. There is no such sea. If her father had told her the location, he would have known that 162W, 20S places the island in the Coral Sea, slightly west of New Caledonia.

Correction: This is not a mistake - the whole point was that they lived on an uncharted island.

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Corrected entry: In one of the fist scenes where we see Alexandra Rover, she looks out the window to see the taxi. The weather is pretty fine when she does this. However, when she goes outside to get into the taxi, it's suddenly pouring down with rain.

Correction: Considering how long it took her to finally make it outside, it's no wonder there was time for rain to start pouring.


Corrected entry: When Alexandra is in the airport the security guard takes out the Purell she has in her suitcase, but when she is about to be saved by Nim she falls out of the boat. The Purell is falling out of her suitcase and she couldn't have bought it anywhere she was at, because she was in such a hurry all the time.

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Correction: What got confiscated isn't the Purrell that was in her suitcase, but the Purrell that was in her carry-on. Whatever Purrell was in her suitcase was safe in the hold and not confiscated.


Visible crew/equipment: When Alexandra is being harassed by the hagglers, she gets into a man's truck after he tells her he knows where to take her. As the truck drives out of the shot the camera is reflected in the window.

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Nim Rusoe: Nobody invades my island and gets away with it.

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