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Corrected entry: In the US Military control room one of the men says something about having an "A-Whack" in the area. What he means is an AWACS. AWACS is an acronym that stands for Airborne Early Warning and Control and is never called "A-Whack".

Correction: As the submitter himself chose not to include the word that 'S' stands for, he has disproved his own claim that it is "never" called "AWAC". Even the Air Force finds AWAC acceptable enough to put on their uniforms (See:


Corrected entry: Tony Stark is seen with a LG VX9400, a phone only available on Verizon's network and not a world phone. He also seen having a video conference call with Obadiah Stane, but this is not possible because the phone does not have this feature and the camera is on the other side of the phone. For phone: For service:

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Correction: Stark is a genius with unlimited wealth. It would be easy for him to obtain one of these phones and modify it to do many things. For all we know the only thing original about the phone is the case.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Stark needs to have his power cell replaced by Pepper, the fake chest used for the effect moves up and down to simulate breathing. But watch him closely and you can see that his real breathing doesn't match what the chest's doing.

Correction: That's not likely as the top part of the opening was a physical prop attached to RDJ's chest during the scene. The "hole" was the added special effect.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Iron Man is shot down by the tank he emerges from the crater and stands to face the tank, at which point the tank fires a second round at him. You can see the smoke trail of the round as he dodges it, but the round just keeps flying into thin air. Given the trajectory and velocity of the smoke trail the round should have immediately struck an object behind Iron Man, a building or structure perhaps? The ground even, but if you listen carefully the round flies by Iron Man and there is complete silence, no explosion behind Iron Man whatsoever.

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Correction: Iron Man is standing in the main "street" of the town, with nothing in the path behind him. There were no buildings or cars behind him, so the missile simply flew straight out into the desert.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene when Obediah approaches the Middle-Eastern villain and makes him act stunned, the scar on the side of the villain's head is redder than it was in previous scenes.

Correction: The device Obediah uses causes the "villain's" veins to bulge all over his face. This would likely cause his wounds to swell and begin bleeding/seeping.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Iron Man tells the refugees, "He's all yours," his voice is robotic like. But later in the film, when he faces off against Jeff Bridges, his voice is normal and not disguised at all.

Correction: When talking to the refugees he disguises his voice through the computer because he doesn't want anyone to know who he is. Jeff Bridges' character already knows who he is so there's no need for it.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Stane calls his secret lab Sector 16, and it comes up in the computer files as Sector 16. However, when it is first approached, Potts calls it Section 16, which is how it is labeled on the door.

Correction: This is a character human error. Not a fault of the film-makers. Sector and Section can be easily mistaken and interchanged even in our real world.

Corrected entry: When Tony Stark orders drinks for him and Pepper, he places a $100 bill in the tip jar, but in the next shot, the bill is gone.

Correction: The bartender took it. Who wouldn't seize a $100 tip as fast as they could?

Corrected entry: Towards the end when Stark is going to the press conference where he reveals he is Iron Man, Pepper fixes his pocket square, but at the press conference it is not there anymore. The pocket square disappeared.

Correction: The joke here is that despite Pepper fussing so much with the pocket square, Stark just removes it after he leaves the room since he doesn't want it there anyway. Favreau has even discussed this subtle joke a few times in interviews.

Corrected entry: In his lab Tony drinks from a glass filled with nasty-looking green liquid. Look very carefully at the glass; it's a movie prop with an inner wall to make it look full when there's very little liquid in it (you can see the residue of the liquid on the outer and inner walls of the glass).

Correction: Your imaginary "prop glass" submission for Batman Begins was already corrected as false, and the case is the same in this movie. I just watched the scene and there's no such insert. And what would be the point of such a thing? Could they not afford to fill a glass all the way with green liquid? In the scene he's shown with the glass only about 1.5 inches of liquid in it. If your proposed prop insert were actually there, it would be only taking up about 5% of the volume of the glass.

Corrected entry: After facing the silver robot, Tony Stark is lying on the roof of his building as his heart electromagnet is flickering on and off due to low power. In the next scene, Tony Stark is fine. However, he needs the magnet to survive. There are only two in existence; the one dying in his chest and the one in the incinerated machine below. Since Tony Stark is the only one who seems to know how to build a new one, and since neither is available to keep him alive, how is he apparently just fine in the next scene with a working heart machine?

Correction: In that scene, the electromagnet is completely off at the start. It then begins to flicker back to life, and at the end of the scene is shown pretty much back on again. It's supposed to show that he had a pretty close call, but pulled through. He could easily survive the 1-2 seconds where the magnet is completely off (as shown earlier where his advanced power supply gets stolen).

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: Tony's driver is named Hoagie, as a reference to Happy Hogan, who saved Tony's life in the comics, and became his chauffeur.

Correction: This isn't a "reference"; it's the same character, even listed in the credits.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The car battery's connection to the electronmagnet in Tony's chest changes appearance several times, from being one wire, to two, and in some cases there's no wire visible at all.

Correction: There are always two wires. In some scenes the wires are not easily seen but they're always there.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Stark supposedly graduated from MIT "summa cum laude", but MIT doesn't assign honours to graduates.

Correction: Even when schools don't issue the honors, they've come to be accepted as terms for specific grade point averages. Summa cum laude means 4.0 or perfect to near-perfect grades.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Iron Man is being attacked by the two jets, a red light is flashing in the command center. That red light is supposed to signify an "uncleared" person in the room. Not an intense situation like it did in the movie.

Correction: The light exists in an imaginary room full of imaginary characters made up for the movie. How can you know what anything should or shouldn't do contrary to its function inside the movie?

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the flashback that occurs in the beginning of the movie, Tony is taking a video conference call. The LG logo to the left of the screen disappears at the end of the call.

Correction: The phone used was a LG VX9400 slide phone. The screen slides up and flips. The logo moves from the left to the bottom of the screen when it closes.

Corrected entry: One scene shows two children eating ice cream cones on a ferris wheel. Amusement parks/carnivals do not allow food on the rides.

Correction: Just wrong. I've been on plenty of ferris wheels with ice cream, drinks and other snacks (such as cotton candy).

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When the two planes are flying beside Iron Man he uses the boosters on the palm of his hand but never moves his hand.

Correction: More than likely, he has alternative means of controlling them other than his hand movements, as he would want to keep himself as aerodynamic as possible during flight, and moving his hands around could throw him off.

Corrected entry: When Tony first crash-lands in the desert after escaping from his captives, there should have been a crater formed from landing with such a velocity.

Correction: He crashed in sand. Sand has a tendency to fill in holes when they are made. This would include craters.

Corrected entry: Watch Robert Downey Jr.'s mustache at the beginning of the movie. At one point, his mustache only extends about half-way up his lip; supposedly 36 hours later, his mustache is completely covering his upper lip. This weird facial hair change occurs several times throughout the movie.

Correction: Some people's mustache hair grows very quickly. It took me 6 months to grow one, but I need to trim it at least once a week to keep it from growing over my lip. My brother-in-law has to trim his daily, and his beard twice a day.


Other mistake: When Iron Man and Iron Monger are fighting, Iron Man catches the SUV, and you can see the family inside the car. Although the car is completely vertical, the hair of the people in the car seems to defy gravity.

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Tony Stark: My old man had a philosophy: Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.
Christine Everheart: That's a great line coming from the guy selling the sticks.

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Trivia: Notice they don't play the lyrics with the "Iron Man" song in the closing credits. That's because the Black Sabbath song was not about the comic book Iron Man. There are many theories about what the song means, but the most popular is that it is about a man who travels to the future and sees the apocalypse. They couldn't use the lyrics to describe the Iron Man in the movie: He was turned to steel - In the great magnetic field - Where he traveled time - For the future of mankind. Now the time is here - For Iron Man to spread fear - Vengeance from the grave - Kills the people he once saved.

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