Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Continuity mistake: When Peter and his brother are talking in Peter's kitchen, the fruit loops in the plastic container are never in the same position twice. One time they are perfectly level, another time they are shifted to one side, then next the other side.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter is talking to Aldous (the rocker) on the surfboard he is wearing a brown shirt, but when he saves his life and brings him to shore his shirt is black.

Continuity mistake: When Peter talks to the surf instructor the second time, he is holding a drink, then not holding a drink, then holding, then not holding.

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Surfing Instructor: When life gives you lemons, just say 'Fuck the lemons, ' and bail.

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Trivia: Some details are taken from Jason Segel's life. For example, the naked breakup is based on a similar incident and he was working on a puppet-based Dracula rock-opera.


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