Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Continuity mistake: When the guy walks in on Peter naked in bed, the sheet protecting Peter's modesty is covering him in one frame, and the next moment it has vanished completely.

Continuity mistake: When Peter talks to the surf instructor the second time, he is holding a drink, then not holding a drink, then holding, then not holding.

Continuity mistake: When Rachel drops Peter back at the hotel after their first date, when Peter gets out of the car, Rachel turns and puts her hands on the steering wheel. It then cuts to a wide shot of Peter outside of the car and Rachel is still facing Peter's window.

Continuity mistake: When Peter removes a piece of coral from Aldous' leg, blood immediately starts flowing from his wound, one second later the wound is not bleeding and the blood is gone even though Aldous has not moved.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter and his brother are talking in Peter's kitchen, the fruit loops in the plastic container are never in the same position twice. One time they are perfectly level, another time they are shifted to one side, then next the other side.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is talking to his friend on the web cam, his hat changes positions between shots. It's high on his head then low on his forehead, high, low, etc. throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is at the bar in Hawaii ordering numerous fruity drinks, he keeps taking off the fruit and piling it on the bar. A whole banana appears on the pile before he receives the drink with the banana. When he receives the drink with the banana, the pile of fruit is there but the banana is added. Then each time the shot changes, the fruit changes, with and without the banana.

Continuity mistake: When Peter and Rachel are talking on the cliff, the sky changes between overcast and sunny depending on who is speaking. Watch Peter's left shoulder; when Rachel is speaking you can see direct sunlight on it. When Peter is speaking, there is no sun.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah shows up in Peter's apartment to dump him, she is first seen standing wearing jeans tucked into high, brown boots. When she later sits down, the boots are gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kimo and Peter have a beer on the beach, the position of Peter's right arm changes mid-hug. Peter hugs Kimo with both his arms over Kimo's, but as it cuts to the next shot, Peter's right arm isn't visible anymore.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter is talking to Aldous (the rocker) on the surfboard he is wearing a brown shirt, but when he saves his life and brings him to shore his shirt is black.

Continuity mistake: When the hotel worker is speaking to Aldous about his demo CD, Aldous sits with his whole body facing forward. After the hotel worker does his English accent, Aldous says, "That stupid English voice, was that me?" and he sits with his whole body facing the hotel worker. The hotel worker then says, "You're really going to like it," and Aldous sits facing away, before finally Aldous says, "I'll listen to it" with his feet on the ground, facing forward, before it immediately cuts to him saying, "When you've gone". He now sits facing the hotel inspector with his feet on the seat. (00:58:05)

Revealing mistake: When they meet up for dinner (Aldous, Sarah, Peter and the hotel clerk), the restaurant host says he is sorry that they have to wait 5 minutes, and you can see that Sarah is obviously way shorter than Aldous. From the front, Sarah comes up to Aldous' eyes, but when they cut to the back, she is almost below his shoulders. Then when they start walking, she steps off a platform of some sort. They seemed to make her taller for just that frame, and then when they are walking throughout the movie, they don't seem to compensate for the difference.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is with Sarah in the hotel room after Aldous leaves, he takes off his shirt and he throws it back and to the left. When he goes to leave the room, his shirt is on the right and up high. (01:31:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Peter is at the table and Matthew is collecting his plates, the glass on the right appears to slide slightly towards the camera, as Matthew sets the silverware on the plate. (00:23:35)


Dwayne the Bartender: He turned down a blow job from his ex-girlfriend. You know what that does to a man? It's called blue balls. He's like Gandhi! But better - he likes puppets!

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Trivia: Some details are taken from Jason Segel's life. For example, the naked breakup is based on a similar incident and he was working on a puppet-based Dracula rock-opera.


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