All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Emmet is the one killing off the competition to win Mandy's heart and she's helping him by doing in Chloe. He wants her to commit suicide with him, but she changes her mind due to her relationship with Garth. So Emmet has his head cut open with a knife and his skull crushed with a log, then left to rot in a ditch. She drives out of the ranch off back to get help, taking Garth with her.


Audio problem: [Blu-ray] When Mandy goes to wake up Red and Chloe, she says: "Hey! Hey, we need to get up, OK? Come on." The last two words were missed from the overdub, are not heard and are also missing from the subtitles. (01:08:15)

Oliver Hunter Premium member
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Chloe: Damn it. I am trying to fuck your best friend here. Give me a little cooperation please.

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