All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Continuity mistake: [Blu-ray] When Garth runs back downstairs to the kitchen, where Mandy was asleep, she is just waking up when he comes back in. As he enters the room, she is resting her left elbow on the table, using her left hand to smooth her hair and her right hand is covering her nose. In the next shot she is suddenly slouched to her right, with her right elbow resting on the table, leaning her head in her right hand; her left arm is lying across the table and she's holding her right arm with her left hand. Her vest is also hanging down, inside her blouse, showing a lot more cleavage than the previous shot.


Oliver Hunter Premium member

Continuity mistake: [Blu-ray] When Mandy goes to wake up Red and Chloe, Red wakes up with his right arm on the outside of the sofa. In the next shot, after Mandy has spoken to him, his arm is inside the sofa resting on his knee.


Oliver Hunter Premium member

Continuity mistake: [Blu-ray] When Red is rolling about on the floor after he has been shot, Chloe is asking him to get up and he has no blood on his mouth. In the next shot he suddenly has a lot of blood around and coming out of his mouth.


Oliver Hunter Premium member

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