Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms

Continuity mistake: After Hellboy defeats the semi-vampiric heads, the Professor is seen destroying a small statue on his scroll representing them. Despite being destroyed, this statue reappears later in the movie.

Continuity mistake: During the Kappa battle scene, when the Kappa is thrown to land and some water spills from his head, there is a closeup shot that shows the spilled water becoming dark and discolored and then disappearing. However, in the next shot the water has reappeared, and is back to its original pale color.

Continuity mistake: When the Spider-lady is playing her koto, the number of strings on the koto changes between some shots. In the closeup shots of her plucking the strings, you can see that there is only six or seven strings. However, in some of the wider shots, you can see that there are at least 8-10 strings on the koto. This is most noticeable after the strings start to "bleed."

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When Liz and Abe's plane crashes, it sinks far too quickly to be realistic. Also, from the sheer amount of force the plane hit the water with, both should easily have died. Obviously done for dramatic effect, but still a mistake.



When the "Dragons" are being released around the world, you see a baby carriage nearly falling into one of the cracks that forms in the ground, only to be saved at the last minute. The baby-crying sound effects were actually provided by Selma Blair, who does the voice of Liz Sherman (and also played her in the live action film), after the makers realized she could do a perfect impression of an infant crying.