Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms

Corrected entry: During the Kappa fight scene, the Kappa tries to steal the Sword of Storms from Hellboy. Hellboy grabs the sword by the blade and yanks it back, implying the blade must be quite dull, or else it would easilly cut his hand very deeply. However, later in the film, it is shown the sword is in fact quite sharp, able to sever the limbs of a giant Oni-like demon, thus meaning Hellboy should not have been able to grab it unprotected with his bare hand as he did earlier.

Correction: He actually grabs it with his stone hand, not his flesh-hand, so it makes sense the damage is minimal.

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When Liz and Abe's plane crashes, it sinks far too quickly to be realistic. Also, from the sheer amount of force the plane hit the water with, both should easily have died. Obviously done for dramatic effect, but still a mistake.



When the "Dragons" are being released around the world, you see a baby carriage nearly falling into one of the cracks that forms in the ground, only to be saved at the last minute. The baby-crying sound effects were actually provided by Selma Blair, who does the voice of Liz Sherman (and also played her in the live action film), after the makers realized she could do a perfect impression of an infant crying.