The Last of the Mohicans

Corrected entry: When the Mohicans chase after Magua to save Alice, just after Magua kills Uncas, Alice walks onto the outcropping with Magua. As she stands there you can see rain beginning to fall. A peal of thunder echoes along with the scene. As she turns and leaps off the outcropping we see a shot of her from below showing a nice blue sky and the sun shining.

Correction: I lived in the area where this movie was filmed. It was not uncommon to have storms pop up and the sky stay clear.

Corrected entry: When the three Mohicans have leapt through the waterfall, as Uncas and Hawkeye are pulling Chingachgook out of the water, you can see a man climbing a rock behind them, as they move apart slightly.

Correction: There is no man climbing a rock. It's Hawkeye's leg that resembles a man.

Corrected entry: During the withdrawal from Fort Henry, virtually the entire column of Redcoats and civilians, including Colonel Munro, are wiped out by the Indians. In reality, the Indians only attacked the rear of the column, which was mainly comprised of civilians, killing between 70 to 180 people. The majority of the British force was not even attacked and the real Colonel Munro survived.

Correction: The filmmakers do not claim that this film is historically accurate, hence no factual error.

Corrected entry: When the protagonists arrive at the fort the men who had just been wading through the water are completely dry. (00:36:10)


Correction: We are not shown how long it took to get permission to enter the fort. They could have dried out in that time.

Corrected entry: When the people are marching out of the fort and Nathaniel appears, Uncas and Chingachgook who should have been walking with the whole group come up the way, wait, and join Nathaniel. Watch them timing the right moment to merge in. (01:06:20)


Correction: Nathaniel was walking with prisoners. the guards may have objected to Uncas and Chingachgook at first. They may have even needed permission from Munroe to walk with the prisoners.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the Mohicans are hunting the deer Daniel Day-Lewis all of a sudden has a bare upper body. It's unlikely that he undressed himself running full speed, especially with the strap of his bag being in the way. (00:02:40)


Correction: You see Nathaniel (Day-Lewis) tying his top around his waste as he re-appears in shot. It is therefore perfectly acceptable that he has managed to strip while running full speed, and probably took his bag off to do it as Uncas hands him back his gun as though he was holding it for him while Nathaniel stripped down.

Corrected entry: In Munro's office Cora is wearing earrings. In the scene following immediately (treating Uncas's wounds) she's not wearing any. I can't see any particular reason why she should have taken them off. (00:43:10)


Correction: The scene is not immediately after and she may have found them in the way if she had to help wounded by letting them put weight on her shoulder.

Corrected entry: When the group is travelling to the fort and come upon the burned out house, the body of the boy is next to the home and under some charred wood, but the body still has skin and the clothes are not burnt. (00:24:40)

Correction: The boy may have been alive and a captive while the cabin was burning. The attackers then could have killed him in or near the burnt out building which partially collapsed over the next few days.

Corrected entry: Two general questions: How can iron cannonballs cause fiery explosions every time they hit just anything? And how is it possible that men slaughter each other with axes and knives but we hardly see a drop of blood?


Correction: The "iron cannonballs" fired by the French troops into Fort Henry are not solid shot. The are mortar bombs - hollow shells filled with gunpowder and fitted with a slow burning fuse. Their tactical use in the siege is quite accurate.

Oscar Bravo

Corrected entry: During the fight on the way to Fort Henry Chingachgook throws a wooden toy rifle at an Indian which miraculously gets stuck in his back like a tomahawk. (00:19:40)


Correction: It's not a rifle Henry Chingachgook throws. It's a spiked club which is similar in shape to a rifle. It is the spikes which stick in the Indian's back.

Corrected entry: When the survivors move on to Fort Henry, Alice's cap, which she had been wearing throughout, is suddenly gone. (00:21:15)


Correction: Cora knocks it off when she jumps down to protect Alice during the battle in the woods.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel Day-Lewis picks off the French/Indians attacking the runner from the top of the fort, the muskets of the time were no way accurate enough for him to pick off 2-3 guys in a row, using various muskets. British soldiers used smooth bore muskets with a range of 100-150 yards until the 1840's. Rifled barrels (and hence, accuracy) didn't come into use until about the 1850's.

Correction: Actually, he is shown using a type of Kentucky (or "Pennsylvania") long rifle. These weapons were designed in the colonies by transplanted German and Swiss gunsmiths. By 1750 the long rifle design was somewhat standardized. Although its calibre was relatively small for that period, ranging from .45 to .60, it was well-known for being accurate at over 200 yards.

Visible crew/equipment: At the surrender of the fort, as the English are marching out, the French general removers his hat. The English Commander, Monroe, says "The fort is yours, Monsieur". Look over his shoulder. In the distant valley you can see what are either two tourist busses or perhaps mobile catering vans. (01:05:40)

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Maj. Duncan Heyward: I thought all our colonial scouts were in the militia. The militia is fighting the French in the north.
Hawkeye: I ain't your scout. And we sure ain't no damn militia.

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