Corrected entry: When the 2 jumpers are in the base, one of them is playing a video game. In the game you hear someone say "Tank beats everything" which is quote from Halo 3, which is a XBOX 360 game; however he using a Playstation Dualshock controller.

Correction: He could have been using an adapter that allowed him to use a Playstation controller with an XBOX 360. http://www.xcm.cc/xcm_cross_fire_converter.htm.


Corrected entry: Young Millie has blue eyes, but adult Millie has brown eyes.

Correction: This is not the case. Both young and adult Millie have dark brown eyes.

Corrected entry: When David meets Millie in the bar she works in, there's a big match on (I think Green Bay are playing). At one point, an RB makes a sweep and takes a big hit, which the crowd "oohs" about. The next shot is a replay of this event, but this time, the crowd cheers loudly, as if something new had just happened.


Correction: After watching the scene several times there are two different events that happen on the TV. The first time the running back is hit out of bounds at the 10 yard line and the second time he scores a touchdown.

Corrected entry: In the opening, when David is telling about his day, he says he went to an NBA finals game and everything he did was before lunch. They do not play NBA finals games in the AM.

Correction: Given that David travels repeatedly from time-zone to time-zone, he could easily have watched an afternoon game during his personal morning, then jumped elsewhere for lunch.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After David jumps to where Griffin is, he states that he has just jumped through Griffin's 'jump scar'. Previous to that scene, David was unaware any other jumpers existed. How does he know what a jump scar is?

Correction: Because he creates one every time he jumps. He knows what they are, he just didn't realise that he could use them to follow a fellow jumper because, as you say, up to that point, he didn't know there were any others out there.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the 2 jumpers steal a car from the showroom in Tokyo, the cars in the showroom and on the street are all left-hand drive (like North American). Japan is right-hand drive (like Britian).

Correction: I can find a right hand drive car in showrooms in Canada. They are rare, but they do exist, some as Japanese market vehicles specially imported to Canada, some British. I saw many left hand drive vehicles in Cayman Islands even though they are right hand drive. Most countries you can find a car with the opposite driver's side.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the black guy with white hair is in David's dad's house, you can see New York 1 news chanel on the tv. The problem is that the dad lives in AnnArbor, Michigan.

Correction: Digital Cable. I can get localized news channels from halfway across the country too.

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Corrected entry: After Hayden Christensen's character had bedded the girl in London. He jumps to a surf shop and gets a wetsuit and also a surfboard. He first goes to a beach which doesn't have waves and another surfer tells him the waves at Fiji. Whilst riding a massive wave at Fiji he gets dumped and he jumps back to the head of the Sphinx. But when he jumps from being dumped by the wave the surfboard is left behind but on the sphinx the surfboard is next to him.

Running Scared

Correction: It is a different board. The one he dumps on Fiji is yellow, and the one on the Sphinx is blue/gray.

Corrected entry: When David first enters his hotel room near the beginning of the movie, the numbers on the door are 3 number stickers where the black number is printed on a metallic sticker. Later, when he returns to the room, the room numbers have changed to large, black, screw-on numbers.

Correction: That is something that could have been done at any point in time by the hotel management. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Bank vaults have all the air sucked out when no-one is in them. When David teleports in, he should have suffocated.

Correction: Most bank vaults have a fresh air vent for ventilation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_vaultThe air is not usually sucked out, but the room is airtight once sealed. This means a person would suffocate if inside for an extended period of time, or if the air ventilation was not running due to a power failure, or the like.

Corrected entry: When Griffin and David steal the Mercedes from the showroom, it should not be fueled at all and would thus be unable to drive around the streets, even with teleportation.

Correction: Cars are delivered to dealers with fuel in them, just not with a full tank. Cars are driven off the production line, onto rail cars, to semi trailers, transport boats, etc., and then offloaded at the dealers. All this requires fuel.


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