Mad Money

Mad Money (2008)

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Corrected entry: Cash comes to Queen Latifah for destruction. She opens it and destroys the money, leaves the box empty.That's when Diane Keaton changes the lock. Katie Holmes is then supposed to take it back and for filling up again. While in transit she uses her key , opens the box and throws money into trash. Unless the lock first gets changed in the cash loading place, it is not possible for Katie to steal it. definitely not after queen Latifah shreds them all.

Correction: This is not a plot hole. What actually happens is that Diane Keaton switches the lock while she is cleaning in the cash box holding room. She then tells Katie Holmes the cash box number, Katie then takes that box and uses her key to put the cash in the trash. From there she delivers the box to Queen Latifah who has already gone to the washroom to receive the real lock and box number. Once she unlocks the box she replaces the original lock and continues destroying the cash.

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