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Lake Placid (1999)

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Corrected entry: If indeed a crocodile can/will not attack underwater, then why does the crocodile in this movie do so several times? Whether crocodiles actually *CAN* or *DO* attack underwater in real life is all fine and dandy, but in this movie, with this movie's rules of nature, how come Oliver Platt's character is wrong?


Correction: Hector is kind of a jerk/jackass so it's not unusual for him to make a comment to tick everyone, more specifically the sheriff, off. He might have known the actual truth or this is a character mistake, or him just being a "know-it-all".

Corrected entry: In the scene where the croc leaps out of the water and snatches the bear and drags it back in, the bear is nothing more than some inflated (now deflated) hairy latex-like replica. The final shot of the bear before he goes under is the most obvious.

Correction: I don't know what you are talking about, the bear is completly computer generated. It struggles and bites at the crocodile.

Corrected entry: Hector is supposed to be this skilled crocodile hunter/trapper. In one scene, he accidentally traps the sheriff in the old fashioned rope-in-the-tree-leaves-the-sheriff-dangling-from-the-tree trap. Now this is a trap designed for small animals or people, how effective would this trap be to a 30 foot crocodile?

Correction: Perhaps it would snag one of its feet and, while not necessarily trapping it, it may aggrivate the crocodile into making enough noise to wake everybody and, by keeping its foot snagged, keep it busy enough for them to prepare tranquilizers to knock it out. OR, perhaps the trap was there to catch a smaller creature, perhaps even a bear, and thus create a sort of lure to the crocodile to come onto land, etc.


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Hector Cyr: She tell you that we had sex together? So vigorous!
Kelly Scott: I never had sex with you!
Hector Cyr: I'm horrible in bed. They never remember.



When Kelly is on the boat with Hank and the soon to be headless deputy, her green vest (life-jacket) is fully unzipped. When we see her immediately after she's been knocked in the water, her jacket is zipped almost all the way up.



In the scene with Fonda and Gleeson reaching the morgue to look at the tooth, you can hear in the background a page for Dr Miner. Steve Miner directed the film.