The Assassination of Jesse James

Factual error: When Bob Ford opens the box under the bed, on top is an issue of "The Jesse James Stories" weekly, which was published from 1901-1903 - fully twenty years after the events of this film. (00:36:10)


Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, in the conversation betwenn Frank James and Robert Ford, the term "gunslinger" is used a few times. However, the term "gunslinger" didn't come into use until the 1920s (the movie is set in the 1880s).

Factual error: After the opening narration, the action continues to the food kettle, indicating supper time, as the men gather around Jesse. On a close shot, one of his cohorts is smoking what appears to be a perfectly round, lit cigarette. Filtered cigarettes were not introduced until about 1894. The non-filtered were introduced only 2 yrs prior. This film is based in 1881. (00:05:05)

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