The Assassination of Jesse James

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck are sitting in Jesse's house, right before Casey kills him, Jesse's wife yells out from the kitchen to them that breakfast is ready. You can see Brad Pitt is mouthing her line.

Correction: Zee never announces breakfast. The closest she comes is to yell to Bob that the food is getting cold. As we hear this, the camera is on Bob, not Jesse, and Bob's mouth doesn't move at all. Several scenes (and about 8 minutes) earlier, Jesse gives Bob a gun as a gift. It is evening and Zee yells that "supper is ready". Here, the camera is on Pitt, and his lips flex a bit, but do not come close to forming anything remotely like Zee's words. Jesse is merely in deep thought, almost mumbling his thoughts to himself. He is still gauging Bob's intent and character, as he feels something is coming, but he doesn't know what for certain.


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