I Am Legend

Corrected entry: If pretty much everyone but Neville and a few colonies of survivors are dead, who is running the power plants so that he can have electricity in his house? And where does he get gas for his vehicles? Okay, he could siphon it out of other cars, but even that would start to run out after awhile. He does a lot of driving around.

Correction: There is a pretty clear shot in the movie that shows him having several generators in his house that are powering everything. And petrol is *everywhere*. Other cars, transport tankers, the tanks underneath gas stations etc. He even has access to a naval base, where there would be many fuel stores. The film also takes place in 2012, by which time there could have been advances in fuel efficiency, in terms of more efficient engines, or fuel additives.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neville is hunting deer in his red Mustang, just after he slides to a stop, Neville looks out over the deer running away. Look to the very right in the dark shady building. You see what looks like a dog running away. I thought Sam was the only dog left? (00:05:15)

Correction: It is never stated in the movie that Sam is the only healthy dog left. There are other surviving dogs who have avoided getting infected, but they have most likely become wild.


Corrected entry: In the movie, the medicine to cure the virus is called a vaccine. But vaccines can not cure someone who already has a virus: they can only cure someone if administered before the symptoms occur.

luke skyjogger

Correction: This is representative of Neville's state of mind. He failed to make a working vaccine back when a vaccine would've done some good (before the virus had dominated the planet and there were still people who could be administered with it). His mind is stuck on this failure and he can't rest until he makes up for it, so he repeatedly refers to it as a vaccine due to being stuck in the past.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Will Smith's character is talking to Anna, the movie Shrek turns itself off when they are in the kitchen.

Correction: The movie did not turn off. When Will moved into the kitchen, the TV noise just faded away.The last shot of the TV in the background showed it was still on, but virtually silent at this point.Roughly 1:06:25.

Corrected entry: When Robert and Sam are eating and Sam is being picky about her food, there is a glass right next to Robert, each time he talks you can see a small reflection of the boom mike moving.

Correction: Actually what you see is Robert's hand reflecting off the glass. It only moves when he moves.

Corrected entry: In the first 'hunting' scene, Will Smith is obviously hunting a deer but the sound that is heard is an elk call.

Correction: There could well be an elk nearby. As we see, there are a number of different animals in the area.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When in Times Square hunting the deer, we see a poster for the Broadway play "Rent" in the background. If the virus didn't hit until 2009 - the play "Rent" went (is going) off Broadway in June 2008 - the poster would not still be up.

Correction: At the time of shooting, this would not have been known. The announcement of "Rent" going off Broadway was made a month after the movie came out. Unless you seriously think that filmmakers should go back redo films to reflect new trends, and resubmit them to theaters, this cannot, at all, logically be considered a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Just after the title appears and Will Smith's Character is in the kitchen, he opens the door to the fridge and we can see Will Smith's face on the cover of Time Magazine.

Correction: Not only is this a plot point of the movie, but anything that can be plainly seen by simply watching the film is not valid trivia.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: How can Neville refuel his car, if gasoline and diesel lose their properties after a while? Gasoline loses its properties after 3 months of manufacture.

Correction: The properties you speak of are the octane rating, this lowers over time, but it's still perfectly capable of being used as fuel. I've extracted fuel from a car that has been stood up for 3 years, and that was still able to run the car.

Corrected entry: The jet that Neville was golfing off of, the SR-71 Blackbird, was never an aircraft-carrier compatible aircraft. Furthermore, the SR-71 was retired in 1998, and of all remaining models, only two were kept by NASA, and the rest were not airworthy, and moved to museums. The SR-71 would certainly not have been physically able to be on an aircraft carrier.

Correction: He is on the USS Intrepid, which was converted to a museum in 1982. She sits off the shore of Manhattan and has a Lockheed A-12, a similar-looking precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird, on deck as one of her exhibits.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The way mutants are portrayed in this film is not consistent at all. They go from normal mindless killers to special forces super mutants. At the beginning, Will is able to outrun them, knock them out, kill them with a few rounds, capture them with a black bag, sedate, restrain and experiment on them without even breaking a sweat. Near the end, the mutants are nearly indestructible. They're able to jump 20 feet high in the air, they can destroy concrete walls and ceilings, they can easily blast through a solid steel security door. And the main mutant breaks an impact-resistant Plexiglas door by banging his head on it. If they had this kind of strength all along, Will would not have lasted five seconds.

Correction: I think the insinuation is, until the Alpha Male shows up, the mutants that Neville has captured have largely been without the Alphas leadership and haven't acted individually. Once the Alpha Male is featured, the behaviour of the mutants changes and they follow his instruction. They are simply learning.

Corrected entry: Robert walks into the living room where Ethan is watching Shrek. The scene on the TV shows Shrek and Donkey having a dispute about where the fence should be built, this part of the Shrek is after Princess Fiona is rescued. When the camera angle changes, Robert starts reciting in synchronisation with the film. However the part Robert recites is from the start of the movie before he is given the quest from Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona.

Correction: When we first see that scene, its towards the end of the movie. He then moves into the kitchen and sees the boy eating breakfast, before going back upstairs and coming back down once he's calmed down. Therefore it could be possible that he was up there a while and that the DVD restarted as mine does or the boy restarted it as he missed the end whilst eating breakfast.

Corrected entry: When the woman and child drive up to the entrance of the community in Vermont which is inhabited by those not infected, the vehicle she is in is so shiny and clean it looks like it was driven directly off the showroom floor! Given she had been on a long drive, there should be road grime, dirt and bug splatter.

Correction: For all we know it WAS off the showroom floor. She probably changed vehicles several times on the trip, and would choose the best ones she could find.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: We see the nightseekers easily scale the walls during the siege of of the building where Neville lives. The walls of the Colony, even though large and secured by retinal scans, would offer little protection from the nightseekers looking to climb in.

Correction: The infected aren't scaling walls, they're scaling the side of a building, which offers many hand- and footholds. The walls of the compound do not. They are also guarded by sentries with guns.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Anna says she and Ethan had waited for Neville at the pier the entire day, but they didn't see him setting up for a suicide attack on the mutants that included driving his car onto the pier and setting up a mannequin.

Correction: Perhaps they waited most of the day, then left just before he arrived, and returned for one final check before leaving New York. There are many possibilities.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Couldn't mutants not go outside because of any kind of light or direct light only? That leader mutant (and its dogs as well) stayed inside its dark shelter while Robert captured a female mutant. But later, in a different scene, dogs were waiting only for no direct sunlight before attacking but it was still daylight. Anyway, during the first scene there was no direct light too.

Correction: There WAS direct sunlight in the scene when the leader is burned. They are sensitive to UV rays, so they would be able to be out during the day (although with discomfort) but would be burned by direct sunlight. Think of it like standing next to a fire vs. actually TOUCHING the fire.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Will Smith's character tells his wife the virus has become airborne, however when Manhattan is being evacuated, the military personnel are NOT wearing masks or HAZMAT suits when scanning for infected people at the ferry dock.

Correction: Neville JUST recieved word that the virus became airborne. The military couldn't possibly change into HAZMAT suits or gas masks because of such short notice of the news, in fact, they probably never even got word of the news until all hell broke loose.

Corrected entry: In the initial hunting scene, when Neville and the dog are walking through some very tall grass, you can see that the dog is walking on a prepared path where the grass has been flatenned.

Correction: They might have walked through there already and flattened the grass.

Corrected entry: When Will wakes up to see a woman cooking she as a dressing gown on and when the camera returns to her she is still cooking but now wearing a tee shirt. (01:04:30)

Correction: Apparently you were not paying close enough attention, Neville is clearly hallucinating a vision of his wife and child. Not only does the wife's clothing change but she also changes race from Latina to African-American. The child also experiences changes in clothing, skin color and gender!

Corrected entry: Neville makes a comment that the mutants have lost all human traits, but the ones who later attack him outside Grand Central Station have stolen and transported something Neville set up in another part of town, devised a snare trap and been able to "domesticate" mutant dogs for hunting purposes.

Correction: I don't think this is a plot hole. Neville made a wrong assessment of the mutants - this is a pivotal point in the whole story.

Continuity mistake: At the start, Robert Neville drives into some yellow poles only to drive into them again in the following shot.

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Neville: God didn't do this. We did!

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Trivia: Smith tries to explain to the woman who Bob Marley is by singing a part of the song "I Shot the Sheriff." He also sang this part of the song (with a similar voice immitation) in his role as Will in one of the episodes from the series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

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