I Am Legend

Corrected entry: In the first scene with the GT500 in the inside shot you could see the sticker (price) but in any other shot it's not there in the window.

Correction: This is incorrect. In the shot immediately after you see the sticker, Neville opens the passenger's side window, and while it opens you CAN still see the sticker (faintly because it's on the inside) after that the window is always open so of course you can't see the sticker.

Corrected entry: The grenade explosion and ensuing fire in the basement should suck out all oxygen in the basement - the girl and the little boy ought to have died by asphyxiation.

Correction: It is likely that the compartment that they hid in has an exhaust that leads to the outside, thereby providing oxygen.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Col. Neville's home has heavy metal shutters over all the windows. Except for the kid's room? And that's just where Ethan and Anna are when it is really needed.

Correction: There are shutters all over the house, but the mutants have broken through the one in the kids room. They used the other mutants running through that arch to distract Robert while they broke the shutter down.


Corrected entry: The first time Will Smith puts shutters over all the windows in the house before nightfall, in the morning, he awakes to sunlight beaming into the room.

Correction: He goes to sleep in the bathtub. Obviously he got up (presumably at dawn) and went to bed. He most likely opened the shutters before getting into bed.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In a scene in Robert Nevell's house he is washing his dog in the bath tub using running tap water. Where is this fresh water coming from over 3 years after the last water treatment facility was abandoned?

Correction: He could have a water purification tank set up somewhere, we never see the source of the water, so we can make that assumption.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film in the newscast, sports news is flashing across at the bottom of the screen. One headline reads that the Giants lost for the 2nd time in the season to the Patriots. This is impossible as the teams are in separate conferences and could never play more than once per year.

Correction: It is quite possible the Giants could have played the Patriots in the pre-season or in a non-conference regular season game. In fact, the Patriots and the Giants just faced off in the Superbowl. Unfortunately, I Am Legend did not predict the future, as the Giants beat the Pats to take the NFL Championship. Scores and stats are routinely shortened for the ticker.


Corrected entry: In a city where millions were trapped, infected and even consumed by zombies, there isn't so much as a pinky toe bone, shredded clothing or any other evidence of inhabitants. There should have been body remnants everywhere.

Correction: The zombies live in what could be called dens, so they would have taken their food into the dens. Also, in most places affected by plagues, people tend to hold up in their homes, or places of worship, they usually do not die on the street. It's also been 3 years with wild animals scavenging the area.


Corrected entry: To contain the virus in Manhattan they blow up the bridges (and I assume the tunnels too, otherwise that would be a ridiculous oversight and a plot hole in itself). How then did that woman drive from Maryland to Manhattan and then to Vermont? There should have been no roads in or out.

Correction: Cars were readily available on the island. She could have driven from Maryland to the shore, taken a boat to Manhattan, and then hotwired an entirely different car when she got there.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Will Smith falls asleep in the bathtub with his dog. In the next scene, it's supposed to be the following morning, but he wakes up in his bed.

Correction: When he finally wakes up it is day time. When we see him in the bathtub, we never see him sleep. He might have changed positions as dawn approached because it was safer so he can catch a few hours sleep.

James Storck

Continuity mistake: At the start, Robert Neville drives into some yellow poles only to drive into them again in the following shot.

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Neville: God didn't do this. We did!

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Trivia: Smith tries to explain to the woman who Bob Marley is by singing a part of the song "I Shot the Sheriff." He also sang this part of the song (with a similar voice immitation) in his role as Will in one of the episodes from the series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

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