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Corrected entry: The dragon on the girl's face moves from one side to the other in a closeup, when the hitman is questioning her toward the begining of the movie.

Correction: Copy from another correction: It doesn't change sides. The camera view switches from a direct shot of her face, to a shot of a reflection of her face, which of course is a mirror image.

Corrected entry: When the two Interpol agents wait in their car and listen to some conversation, a black GAZ 24 with one police light on the roof approaches. On the right hand side, some parked cars can be seen. The last car in the line is an East German Trabant 601 (in the original "papyrus" paint job). The car is a bit covered by a Moskvich 2140. No Trabi were ever exported to the Soviet Union due to the two-stroke-engine of the Trabant. The scene would be OK without the Trabi.


Correction: The police vehicle would be a GAZ 21, or Volga, but close enough. Cars can be privately imported into Russia (the Soviet Union broke up in 1991) and many cars stolen in other countries are illegally imported. Once into Russia, it's common to be able to register the car with a few rubles to the right people, and the car can stay. I've seen $100000 BMWs stolen in Germany (for example) brought into Russia, registered and resold for as little as $15000.


Corrected entry: When Whittier is talking to his boss after getting off the plane he says "Belikov was grazed by a bullet from over 4 kilometers away." 4 Kilometers equals 4374 yards (almost 2.5 miles). There's no way that shot would have been possible. (00:09:15)

Correction: The M107 .50 Caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle, has a range of 7,450 yards. It is not very effective at this range, but as mentioned, he was grazed, not killed.


Corrected entry: In Hitman, at the funeral where Belicoff indicates for people to sit, this would be difficult in a real Russian Orthodox Church where there are only a few seats for the elderly, infirm and children, and normally around the edge. The normal congregation is expected to stand for the full service be it 1 hour or 3 hours.

Correction: If you watch closely only the first few rows of people sit down.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Interpol have 47 at the back of the Jeep escorting him. They are stopped by the CIA, and as the agents and the soldiers exit the Jeep, there is no one left in the Jeep. It isn't possible that 47 could have escaped yet.

Correction: Having asked the CIA for a "small favor", the escape was planned well in advance. With 47's high skill level, picking locks of handcuffs in front of his body was a very simple task.

Corrected entry: In a scene where agent 47 and Nikita are driving across an open plain, the location is typed out. It reads "Russia, border to Turkey". Russia, however, does not have a border to Turkey.

Correction: Sure it does. It doesn't share a border with Turkey, but it has a "border to Turkey"; after a relatively short drive through Georgia.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, Nika has a ball piercing through her lower lip. By the time they're in Istanbul, not only has the ball disappeared, but the piercing has as well.

Correction: It was a fake piercing. She took it off sometime durring the movie.

Corrected entry: Much of the movie's portrayal of special forces teams was completely wrong; they don't take the lift when going in after dangerous criminals, they don't leave the power on, and they definitely don't group up near the door so the booby trap on the other side can kill them all in one go.

Correction: Not true. Yes they don't take the lift, they will sometimes leave the power on if normal police or milita have to go in. The SAS when on EMOE (Explosive Means Of Entry) excerises do group by the door for a rapid entry.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Agent 47 first goes to his hotel room, it is room 501. But later on when the FSB team arrive to arrest him, they break down the door of room 515.

Correction: 47 is in hotel room 501 before the assasination. He is leaving from St. Petersburg after the assasination. But when he gets his new mission, he checks into a different room (room 515). (Room 501 is not the same room as 515. Room 501 is along the side of the corridor and 515 is at the end of the corridor. The door at 501 is brown and in room 515 it's white. In room 501 the balcony has a concrete fence and in 515 it's a metal fence.).

Corrected entry: The M16/M203 is quoted as firing 7.62 rounds instead of either 40mm for the grenade launcher or 5.56/.223 for the M16. 7.62 rounds are generally used in the SKS or AK47.

Ian Hunt

Correction: This is a character mistake, not an actual mistake. 47 even points out that just about everything the man said about the weapons he was talking about was wrong.

Corrected entry: The tattoo below Nika Boronina's left eye switches sides during the first exchange between her and 47. It goes from below her left eye, to below her right eye and back again.

Ian Hunt

Correction: It doesn't change sides. The camera view switches from a direct shot of her face, to a shot of a reflection of her face, which of course is a mirror image.

Corrected entry: While Mike Whittier goes through 47's weapons bag, he finds a room key which turns out to be a key to the archbishop's room in the final scene. He ends up saying "you planned this all along". However, 47 couldn't have planted this in advance. In the hotel room after the assassination, he didn't know that he was double-crossed yet. The police came for him leaving him no time to have get a key even if he did plan the whole thing in advance he still needed to plant the key in his bag.

Correction: Agent 47 did not plan to leave the key. It was left along with everything when he was forced to flee the hotel. After realizing that the key was left in the bag, and that the interpol agent would figure things out, he devised a plan to wait for him because he knew he had found the key.


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